About Hicunni

Hicunni Chandler is an International Best Selling Author, Coach, wife, and homeschool mom.
A foodie at heart, Hicunni has been helping people with food allergies, weight loss, body image, meal planning and other eating challenges for over a decade.

Discovering her own journey of self-love and embracing her most authentic self, she began encouraging women to step out, look within and discover what truly makes them happy to create joy in their lives.
As a certified Mind Body Eating Coach, she helps moms learn how to heal their relationship with self so that they can take massive action towards their health goals: mental. emotional. physical, and spiritual. So that they can teach their children how to do the same.

With the systems and tools of love that she provides through her online resources, private sessions , and signature membership community, she is truly helping women create the life that they want.

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