I have a new book out! It's a solo creation this time!

The Body Love Mindset is a daily journal created to guide you into self awareness, increase body positivity, and discover more mindful living. This tool of love, features 365 days of journal prompts centered around self love and shifting your mindset to become a better version of yourself. There’s plenty of room for reflection after your daily meditation. 

Did I mention as a bonus, this journal includes my signature, The Body Love Mindset guided meditation to get you started?

This guided journal will help you:

  • Set positive intentions and daily reflections to create the life that you want.
  • Feel more confident in your body by meditating on words of self love and kindness. 
  • Learn to love the person that you see in the mirror everyday by centering your thoughts and self acceptance.
  • Create a safe space to face your shadows and keep you grounded.
  • De stress and start healing your relationship with food and body, through mediation and writing.

By the end of the 365 days, you will feel more vibrant, more confident in your body, and have the tenacity to create the life that you want. A mind shift happens when you decide that you want it. Are you ready? It's time to do something for yourself.

Don't forget to gift this journal to a friend who needs this journal as well.

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Book Media Kit

Brief Media Kit

New Release: International Best Selling , Co-authored with 24 other women, we present… Joy – Recipes for Abundance.

In this fruitful collection of stories, 25 inspiring, entrepreneurial women share their recipes for joy and abundance through tales of overcoming, determination and gratitude. From nutrition, travel and community to spiritual practise, compassion and self-realisation, they each reveal their unique recipes towards creating a joyful and abundant life, available to each of us.

If you would like a pdf copy of my chapter, reach out to me: hicunni@hicunnichandler.com

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P.S. When you purchase the book here, email me proof of order and you will get my Body Love Mindset Signature Meditation + a Host of Other Bonuses…FREE! How does that sound?