It’s time to do something for you.
In today’s podcast we are going to talk about the Self Care Boss Bootcamp.

So, grab your smoothie or cup of tea and join the conversation. Let’s go!


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Today we're covering:

  • Self Care Boss Membership Community is Now OPEN Get accountability here 
  • Find something to be grateful for everyday
  • Self love is the greatest self care

Resources and links mentioned in this episode + final thought:

  • Be the change you want to see in your life
  • Check out last week’s, Episode 19 here:
  • Other Resources Struggling with a poor self-image while growing up, Hicunni Chandler fought joylessly to change the way her body looked to fit a pre-prescribed perfect image. After some health issues, and the new duties of raising a young family, her determination kicked in to discover how to best nourish her body and soul to bring joy back into her life. Her story finds her following her foodie freedom through a surge of confidence, a regular dose of meditation and a deep dive into the psychology of eating until she becomes a source of knowledge for all things nutrition. Book Launched 02/02/2020, get it here:

Thank you for tuning in, friend! Self Care Boss Membership Community is Now OPEN! Get accountability here. Have any questions about our Self Care Boss Bootcamp? Please leave your comment below.

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