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I have the tools to create the life that I want. How about you? How do you maneuver through the day and still feel like you are getting things checked off of your list?
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Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes - Carl Jung

Recommended Tools - My Books

Joy - Recipes For Abundance. To find out more about it check it out, here

The Body Love Mindset 365 Meditation Journal. To find out more about it check it out, here

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    About Me.

    Hicunni (Hi Key Knee) Chandler is an International Best-Selling Author, Wellness Educator, and Brand Creator, empowering and inspiring women to create the life that they want- using online marketing to do it! Being a home educator for over a decade as well as developing skills as a Mind Body Eating Coach, has allowed her the time freedom to explore and start creating a brand for herself and family. No matter how many brands or url's she has created, the underlying thing that has kept her going is meditation. Mind freedom is a beautiful thing. Come on this journey of finding your truth to be the best version of yourself and create the life that you want.  

    They Say

    Kimberly Marie

    Coach & Educator

    Hicunni takes her time to educate her followers and clients how to take care of themselves and live a healthy lifestyle through awesome superfood nutrition, essential oils, and being aware of the body mind connection to eating. I love her educational videos. She has a fun loving sweet spirit that just brightens my day when I watch her.


    Author & Affirmationist

    Hicunni creates a safe and judgement free environment that cultivates compassion and patience during this healing process. Working with Hicunni has helped me change my perspective on life and I have newfound love, respect and pride in myself. If you haven’t had a session with Hicunni, you need to get your life together…she can help.

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    A goal without a plan is just a dream - Hicunni Chandler